Long time no see

Heya, how’s it going? Been busy these past few weeks doing my day job and some boring house maintenance which I’m not really in the mood posting.

Been looking at DIY knife making projects on YouTube lately they look really interesting. But there are a few tools I just need. I don’t feel like spending half a day on filing. Hence a belt grinder is a must, also I need to fabricable a forge.

Looking at the interwebs there are a few plans for DIY belt grinders, no need to be fancy or complex. I came across a blog with plans but I’ll need to modify it to fit my needs, space, and willingness to spend time on it. Here is a plan from the site.


I’ll use electric motor from an old washing machine (I just hope the god damn thing works). I don’t see the need for speed regulation. Firstly I need to allocate the necessary parts to be able to make correct CAD drawing. Stay tuned.

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