A career change – the rant

I’ve been working as a maintenance technician (electric or otherwise) for a while now. And the older and more experienced I get, I think that isn’t something I’d be willing to do until my pension. There are a lot of reasons. Although I like tinkering and fixing stuff, the main issue I have is with Croatian employers (ones I’ve been employed by so far that is). The work hours in atrocious minimum of 60 per week, and not payed overtime in full. The mentality of don’t tinker with it if it works is wrong on so much levels is ludicrous. I’ve seen chain assemblies that have been working for four years continuous without overhaul. Baring (usually yearly) replacement on all reductors and electric motors is non existent. So when stuff goes, it really goes. Usually having me working for 12+ hours a day to make it work. If it seems a bit of a rant. Sorry, but it is. Well enough is enough.

Firstly a friend of mine called me to work a company that makes electrical equipment. The pay is a little lower, but work hours is a lot better. Which leads me to the second part: my programmer friends told me that in the city where I live there is a serious shortage of back end programmers. Although I have some programming experience, I’ve never done back end web programming. And so it goes. Bought myself PHP, MySQL and WordPress books. One of which arrived yesterday: “Professional WordPress Development” by Brad Williams, David Damstra, Hal Stern. You can expect more posts about PHP, MySQL and web-dev in general in the coming months.


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