First web project

Recently in my spare time I started doing my first web project as a (kinda) paid job. I started redoing my companies website ( as you can see the date there is obsolete and old. And when moving hosts they somehow got locked (lost the password is my guess) in and can’t log to a database. So I volunteered to redo their site. It’s currently hosted here (check for testing purposes currently. Soon I will be migrating it to hopefully.


first web project

Screenshot of the site

As you can see there is still work to be done here. Formatting to fix, realign stuff etc. In a nutshell it’s WordPress theme Clean Business with some custom touches:

  1. Removed the_title() function which added a title automatically.
  2. Edited the header menu stile a bit. Changed rgba from 0,0,0,0.7 to 255,255,255,0.2.
  3. Added Location Map from Google API
  4. Added a slideshow plugin to WordPress

Stay tuned for updates.

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