Python Books

After extensive 15 minute browsing of the web I found two books that seem worthy in my quest to learn Python.

  1. Zed A. Shaw’s – “Learn Python the HARD WAY – third edition”
  2. Paul Berry’s – “Head First Python”

Both books are for those with almost no programming experience. Since I have some experience I found the first chapters boring, but later on when you actually start to make useful programs it starts to get interesting.

Later on my plan is to extend my Python knowledge by learning some of the commonly used web frameworks (Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle etc.). Since Django seems to be more popular web framework I might start there.

Buy list after checking out official Django docs:

  1. Audrey Roy Greenfeld’s & Daniel Roy Greenfeld’s – “Two Scoops of Django: Best Practices for Django 1.8
  2.  “Test driven development with python” by Harry Percival
  3.  “Lightweight Django” by Elman and Lavin
  4.  “High performance Django” by Baumgartner and Malet